About Bit Balm

What is Bit Balm and how to use it?

EquiBee™ Bit Balm is intented for regular use to keep the corners of  a horse's mouth moisturized. It is good to have a Bit Balm moment before every ride and the same time you can check the condition of the mouth. Equibee Bit Balm has no quarantine time. Bit Balm contains beeswax from manufacturer's own bee farm. It has also smell of fresh peppermint. 100 % natural product. 

Instructions: Apply to a horse's corners of the mouth and along the underside of  a bit. 

Do you want to buy Bit Balm to abroad? It's possible to make an order to europe, for example to Denmark it takes a few days to get your order. To get more info please send an email to lemmikit@konnonmaatila.fi


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